We are Estudio Escabeche

Estudio Escabeche is a group of friends whose passion towards video games led them to the adventure that their development carries.

Like a good “Escabeche” we come from a mix of disciplines, such as Sound & Image Design, Electronic and Systems Engineering, whose areas of interest marinate together with our latin-american culture laying our foundations as a developer studio.

We strongly believe in the freshness our gaze may add. We believe in the new stories we can share.

Lucas Cafiero

Art & Animation

Tatiana Kisiel

Writer & PR

Gabi Pella

Game Designer.

Joako Fernández

Technical Director.

Marco Castillo


About Manzana Misteriosa

It is Estudio Escabeche’s first project. It is a graphic adventure about a girl that gets lost inside Parque Chas neighborhood. The story is born from our need to tell a local story and our intention to create an ambiguous atmosphere for the player to explore. Both ideas brought us to Parque Chas neighborhood, whose labyrinthine design has been the subject of many works with a distinct mysterious tone that reminisces magical realism.

Manzana Misteriosa is the story of Nina, a girl who´s lost inside Parque Chas neighborhood. To find a way out, Nina will have to interact and help the different inhabitants she encounters. The kind of interaction that the player chooses will affect the course of the game. The videogame is planned to have four streets as scenery, all four make the Manzana Misteriosa (“Misterious Square”) of the Parque Chas neighborhood. It´s being developed for PC only, for now.